Bison Gear was created out of a passion for deviating from the sawmill and exploring the non-obvious paths. We are a family that loves off-road, likes camping trips "in the wild" and knows what the reality of the trip can look like. With kids. Paired with. With a baby. Alone. With friends. That sometimes you have to take a break unexpectedly. That a shovel or a saw or easy access to water can save a trip or simply make traveling more pleasant.

We want to be close, at hand, make every necessary accessory, thing, toolbox within reach. That you feel in the car like at home. After all, you spend a lot of time in it on expeditions. You can be sure that with us you will organize your luggage space your way. The off-road trip is organized according to you and your needs. Because although we share a passion for off-road, each of us has different habits and different "the most important thing ...". If you need coffee in the morning - two moves and you have everything necessary for the aromatic liquid to be right in the cup. Without a shower in the evening, you won't be able to fall asleep? No problem. First aid kit? Fire extinguisher? A bun to save a growling belly after 4 hours of climbing to the top in the mountains? Flashlight? Then Bison appears and asks what you want, so as not to feel wasted time, not to feel disgusted after the argument about where the shovel is. To reach out the most challenging destination and have what you need in your hand.


How it started?

It all starts when I think about the second child and Paweł about the 4x4 car :)

And somehow we manage to reconcile our dreams and our life changes dramatically thanks to both Frank and Paweł's passion, which becomes our passion. On the first offroad trip, Franek was when he has 2 months old, and on a long off-road trip, our first into the unknown, without a special plan, with new friend when he was four months old. It was then that we decided that we do not want to spend our holidays otherwise. There are challenges, but is there other way to see such a view from your roof tent? Is there a hotel that serves such a landscapes?

Then it was the Toyota Parado 120. Now, this is the FJ Cruiser. Our "bison" from North America.

We know how

Since then, there have been many expeditions. Distant and near foreign. Foreign and domestic. Winter and summer. May-long weekend (bank holiday in Poland) and shrouded in the mists of autumn. Lonely and in a group. There were also a million ideas for the organization of space. And these were boxes. The first custom drawers. And also throwing in everything as you please. Drawers? WE had some. Nets? We have it! Bags? Yes.

Our thoughts, arguing about "how?", gave rise to the idea in Paweł's mind to share his experience, passion and sense for coming up with solutions and the engineering spirit.


Our offer

We offer off-road accessories:

- soft ceiling nets;

- expedition shelves;

- door tables;

- drawers under the refrigerator;

- universal wheel mounts;

- canister mount;

for different brands of cars. We are constantly expanding our offer, so if there is no car brand on offer at the moment, send an e-mail with an inquiry. In addition, our offer includes standard or individually adapted expedition drawers.

Our Bison Team

We are a family business. Three-generation :)

It is created by - the originator, founder, R&D and marketing manager in one - Paweł; my dad Andrzej (he works with wood;)), little helpers who check the quality, Piotrek and Franek (our sons) and Justyna who writes these words.

We are here for you to help yourself. So that you can control the expedition chaos. That you would find out what is best for you. We are here to take care of your choices, advise, support and wish you the best experiences on your journey into the unknown!

Best regards,

Team Bison Gear!

Overlanding you way!


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